Log Horizon – 06


Log Horizon is quickly turning into my favorite show this season. Whilst the show initially overlapped heavily with Sword Art Online (SOA) this quickly falls away after the scene is set in the first few episodes.

The episode starts off with a celebration in honor of our heroes having rescued Serara. Naturally the feast is organized by Nyanta and his revolutionary cooking. It is also hinted that this will form the base of future adventures.


The rest of the episode follows Shiroe in the obligatory self discovery (read emo) phase. This was however well done, as it is heavily based on real Internet culture. Many online gamers (particularly the good one’s) are outcasts and loners by nature. Whilst multi-player environments like that of an MMO may foster closer relationships this may not always be the case. Thankfully through some mental gymnastics and nudging from Nyanta the show gets on the road. Shiroe now sets out to confront the evils of the new world and save the day.


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